Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Kids – Make Cleaning Fun

Coming up with new and creative ways to get your little kids to do chores is like… well, it’s like trying to pause your favorite T.V. show right in the middle of a new episode. It’s hard and many times doesn’t work. Here are some fun and creative ways to make chores more exciting for your kids with chore charts and games:

The Chore Chopper

The Chore Chopper is a fun way for kids to take responsibility for doing their own chores. Here is how it works; all you need are some bones and a monster. Simply draw the bones yourself or you can find some cute little bones online to print, then write down the chores on each bone and laminate them – this keeps them around longer.

Next, you draw a monster out of paper (make sure he has a big mouth). Using another piece of paper cut out a mouth that matches the monster mouth. Now, use glue to attach the edges of the mouth to the mouth on the monster – this makes a pocket out of his mouth. Now, every time the kids have to do chores you can give them a bone for each chore they accomplish and they can feed the monster (put the bones in his mouth).

Popsicle Sticks

Kids like to feel that they have at least a bit of control in their life. You can give them that sense of control while also getting them to accomplish all their chores with Popsicle sticks. All you have to do is write down the chores that need to be done on Popsicle sticks then put them in a jar or a cup. Now your children can draw for chores, if they do not feel like doing that chore at the moment they can put it back and draw another chore. The point is that all the chores need to be done but your child gets to choose when they do those chores they like least.

A Sticker Chart

Kids love stickers, utilize that knowledge and make a basic chore chart with spots for your kids to place stickers when they have finished their chores. Most kids get bored with only one chore chart method after a few weeks so try switching it up to keep chores fun and interesting.

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