Prompt & Reliable Cleaning from a Company You Can Trust

Prompt. Reliable. Thorough. These are just a few of the words our customers use to describe our services. Because at Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, Inc. we take pride in the cleaning services we provide for your home or office. And we’ve been doing so for over 26 years!

Do you know how we got started? Our founder, Rhonda Leon, volunteered to clean the office building where she worked at the time. For fun. Yes, you read that right. The regular office cleaning crew went on vacation and Rhonda stepped in to take their place. Rhonda valued a clean environment so much that she was happy to step up and do a better job than the hired cleaning company. She recognized that the old crew had grown complacent and often cut corners. To Rhonda, this was unacceptable.

When you rely on us you never have to worry about the job getting done, and getting done right. Our customer satisfaction rate is of the utmost importance to us. When you entrust us with all your cleaning needs, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or office will always be taken care of as if it were our own property.

Contact us today and we’ll even set up a free in-home cleaning estimate!

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