Why Green Cleaning is Better

There are cleaning products everywhere you go-in your home, your business, and even in the air. Most of the usual cleaning products we knew and used in the past have some serious health and environmental issues. Because we are dedicated to giving you the safest and most thorough cleaning job possible, we use certified green products.

Why is green cleaning important?

  • One major concern is the environmental impact of all the chemicals contained in many cleaning products. They often take a long time to break down, and some may not break down at all. They may get into our water supply.
  • Some of these chemicals find their way from the water supply into the food chain, where they are consumed by us. Whether the chemicals are in our food, absorbed through skin contact, or affect the air quality, the consequences can be toxic. Research shows that some conventional cleaning products contribute to a variety of health problems, including asthma, allergies, respiratory, eye, and skin problems, as well as hormonal and immune related issues.
  • We also consider the effect of these chemical cleaning products on our own cleaning personnel. They are exposed to these products long-term and at higher concentrations than most people. This exposure may negatively affect their health.
    Green cleaning, using environmentally friendly products, isn’t just a trend, it is a necessary step to protect all of us. We know what products are safe to use and how to use them to give you a great, professional, cleaning job. Whether we are cleaning your home or your business, we use green products for you, for us, and for our world.