Windows and Bathrooms — Summer Cleaning Projects We Can Help With

Summer is quickly approaching. With it comes good weather, backyard barbecue parties, more time with the kids, and relaxing by the pool. That is time well spent; however, those things are easily missed opportunities if you and your family are spending considerable time simply trying to maintain a clean household. Let Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, Inc. help you clean the parts of your home that are too difficult or too time consuming to clean. Then you can spend more time having fun and less time cleaning. Here are two projects that we would love to take off of your “to do” list.

  • Cleaning the windows.Chances are that your windows and screens are in desperate need of cleaning. Between the rain and airborne dust, windows and screens can quickly become coated in grime. Not only is that dirty to look at, but it also prevents some natural light from illuminating your home. Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, Inc. is fully capable of cleaning your windows and screens and bringing back a like new transparency to them. Our service is a full treatment window service. We remove and wash the screens, scrub the window glass, and use the proper tools to maximize our cleaning efforts. Additionally, cleaning those hard to reach upstairs windows becomes our responsibility. There is no need for you to precariously balance yourself on a ladder that is too short. Let us clean your windows, so you can spend more time enjoying them with your family.
  • Cleaning the bathrooms. A clean and shining bathroom is a wonderful thing. It feels fresh, welcoming, and even invigorating at times; however, cleaning the bathroom in order to get it to that refreshing feel is a chore. The tight spaces, awkward angles, and scrubbing make bathrooms difficult to clean. As with your windows, Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, Inc. is more than happy to help keep your bathrooms shiny and clean all summer long.

Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast, Inc. can help you with a variety of other cleaning projects as well this summer. Feel free to contact us in order to set up a free custom estimate or ask us any questions that you may have.

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