A Brief History of House Cleaning

What is the history of cleaning

The demand for Hobe Sound cleaning services for houses seems to be getting higher every year. Homeowners are learning to value their free time more than ever before. After all, why would anyone spend their time and energy cleaning the house when these household chores can be delegated to the professionals who will leave a spotless living space behind? 

But things weren’t always so simple, and still aren’t in many parts of the world. The reality is that home cleaning has gone through many iterations and technological advancements over the centuries to get where it is today. Read on to learn more about the history of housekeeping and how it has changed over time!

What is the history of cleaning?

As human civilization has evolved, so grew the hierarchy of our needs. At first, it was all about survival. We needed to satisfy our primal urges such as finding shelter, food, and water and producing offspring. But over time, humans would learn the benefits of maintaining an organized living space. It would sadly be much longer until we had the knowledge and the know-how to maintain an adequate level of cleanliness to help prevent the spread of disease. 

Of course, even today, cleanliness remains a privilege reserved for what we call the civilized world, and it is denied to many. In parts of the world where drinking water is a rare commodity, cleaning can hardly be high on the list of priorities.

But generally speaking, how we perceived cleaning and cleanliness has shifted many times throughout history. Over time, cultural and societal norms have changed and technological and scientific advancements have played a huge part in how much importance we placed on cleaning. A long time ago, it was a luxury only available to the privileged and the wealthy. Today, it is a common standard of living in much of the modern world.

Cleaning today is also much easier to manage. Whether you’re doing your own cleaning or hiring a professional to do it for you, the task is much more convenient than ever before. We have access to the appropriate tools with technology to rely on. We also have a vast array of effective cleaning supplies, even environmentally friendly ones. The luxury of regular cleaning also makes cleaning less labor-intensive and time-consuming.

How has cleaning evolved throughout history?

Throughout history, there was a high correlation between cleanliness and social class. In the Ancient world,  from Egypt to Greece to Rome, slaves and servants were responsible for house cleaning. People in the Middle Ages were even less concerned with cleaning. This had a direct impact on the spread of deadly disease and infections.

Things changed for the better in the Renaissance period. Brooms and mops were used more widely, and wooden or stone floors became more common in wealthy households. Cleanliness became even more important during the Industrial Revolution because new cleaning tools and technologies were introduced and even middle-class families embraced these innovations.

The importance of cleanliness was finally acknowledged in the 20th Century: 

  • New cleaning products such as soap, detergents, and disinfectants became widely available to many households. 
  • Technological innovations such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and electric irons revolutionized house cleaning and made it more efficient than ever before. 
  • Greater cultural value was placed on cleanliness and organizing indoor space due to the effects of marketing, magazines, and home economics courses.
  • Soon, disposable cleaning products became widely available. Paper towels and wet wipes were an instant hit. 
  • In the mid-20th century, the American middle class started to grow, and so did the demand for mass-produced appliances, tools, and products. 
  • Commercial cleaning services emerged and gradually grew in demand

Today we lead even busier lives, but at least cleaning is easier than ever before. We have eco-friendly cleaning products and practices at our disposal. Many households opt for professional cleaning services, smart home technology, and various gadgets. We’re more focused on minimalism and decluttering and less focused on overbuying.

Last but not least, let us not forget the most recent reminder that cleaning matters: the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us never to take cleanliness and hygiene in our homes and in public spaces for granted.

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