5 High-Touch Surfaces You Should Probably Clean More Often

Who in Hobe Sound offers high-quality professional house cleanings

When it comes to house cleaning, residents in Hobe Sound recognize that it’s more than just a standard chore – maintaining a well-kept home is crucial for ensuring a healthy and enjoyable living space. Yet, achieving a truly healthy home involves also focusing on areas that may harbor germs and are often overlooked.

Fortunately, addressing these spots isn’t a monumental task. Below, we’ll cover some high-touch surfaces in your home that would benefit from regular sanitizing but often don’t receive it, hoping to assist you in creating a living space that’s not only comfortable but also safe and hygienic.

Why is it important to clean high-touch surfaces?

More than just a chore, house cleaning is a centuries-old practice, rooted deeply in our search for peace and comfort. A well-maintained home looks better, yes, but a clean living space also nurtures our mental health. There’s no arguing – it’s important!

Yet, in the hustle of daily life and cleaning your residence for special occasions, we often focus just on the obvious tasks, such as sweeping floors or dusting shelves. But what about the spots that are usually small but frequently touched? They may not show dirt as visibly but are quite often breeding grounds for germs. Do you know what those spots are? Let’s dive in and list some of them, encouraging you to address them regularly.

1. Door knobs

These small but important fixtures, which we use all the time, often miss out on our home maintenance routine. A quick disinfecting wipe can easily transform them from hidden germ spreaders to spotless, safe touchpoints.

2. Light switches

Because they’re such an integral part of our daily lives, light switches tend to fade into the background. Yet, they are among the most touched surfaces in your home and need regular attention to stay safe. A daily dab of sanitizer can keep them that way.

3. Personal gadgets

Phones and tablets are essential parts of daily life in the modern world. Always within reach and constantly in use, they unfortunately also become hotspots for germs due to their proximity to our faces and hands. A routine sanitization of your phone and other devices is key to keeping them safe for use.

4. Remote controls

Our leisure time may be contributing to the spread of microbes through remote controls and game controllers. These items get frequently touched or held for hours, yet they’re rarely sanitized. Simply wiping them down with a suitable disinfectant solution can spruce them up.

5. Faucets & handles

Kitchens and bathrooms can harbor germs as they are, considering the amount of moisture and food particles often present. But faucets and appliance handles, which come in contact with hands frequently, are even more likely to become germ hotspots. Don’t forget these areas during daily upkeep – it’ll add just a minute to your routine, but make a big difference.

Why is it important to clean high-touch surfaces

Who in Hobe Sound offers high-quality professional house cleanings?

While diligently sanitizing these everyday hotspots is crucial, achieving a truly pristine home often demands more than what many people’s busy schedules can afford. This is where Custom Cleaning of the Treasure Coast steps in, offering a professional touch to your home’s cleanliness.

Imagine swapping a weekend of scrubbing and sweeping for a family outing to the serene Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, only to come back to a spotless, fresh living space. Reclaim your leisure time, and leave the cleaning to our expert hands. Get in touch with us and schedule your service today!

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