4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Cut the Clutter

Once clutter creeps into your home or workspace, it can become so overwhelming that you lose the desire to address it. This situation often leads to a snowball effect–more clutter arrives, the problem grows, and you become even more complacent. The good news is, by changing the way you think about unnecessary stuff and focusing on the positive effects of removing it, you can motivate yourself to cut the clutter!

  1. Workplace clutter can significantly impact your productivity and overall job performance; it slows you down and becomes a distraction you can’t escape. Cutting the clutter will not only clear your desk, it will clear your mind–the mental burden of being surrounded by stuff will lift and work quality will improve (as will your supervisor’s impression of you). Think of de-cluttering as a way of getting yourself one step closer to that bonus or promotion!
  1. If you regularly go all Mad Hatter on your way out to work, school, or social engagements (“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”), consider how nice it would be to actually arrive on time anywhere because you’re not at home searching for your phone, keys, or the right jacket in the clutter. You’ll also be less stressed when you arrive at your destination (and therefore work better/study better/enjoy it more) if you don’t spend your final moments at home in chaos.
  2. Everyone wants more “me time” these days, but you don’t get much after you’ve devoted a chunk of your day to digging through piles of books to find a needed piece of paperwork or rearranging the contents of your kitchen counters just to prep a meal. If you counted all those wasted minutes you spend wading through stuff, they’d quickly add up to hours–hours you could spend doing crossword puzzles, coloring, reading, binge watching… whatever you enjoy spending time doing more than coping with clutter!
  3. You hear the phrase “focus on the big picture” all the time, right? Well, when de-cluttering, it pays to focus on the small picture. If you motivate yourself to just clean off the coffee table or simply clear out your desk drawer, the sense of accomplishment from completing that one small (yet somehow monumental) task could be the impetus to move you throughout your entire home or office. And once you get that ball rolling, it has the potential to change everything!
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