The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist

What does a spring clean include

For most homeowners, spring means it’s time to clean their homes from top to bottom as increased sunlight reveals all the forgotten dust and dirt. You probably feel the urge to embark on this spring cleaning journey as well, but you have no idea where to start. There are so many things you would like to do to revitalize your home, and you don’t have time for any mistakes

Spring cleaning is one of the most ambitious home maintenance projects, and if you don’t have a clever strategy, it can easily become one of the most daunting ones. To make it more manageable, professionals who offer a reputable house cleaning service in Port St Lucie have compiled the ultimate spring cleaning list for you, ensuring no inch remains uncovered. Keep reading to find out more! 

What does a spring clean include? 

Spring cleaning isn’t only an act of comprehensive home cleaning, it also has a purgatory effect on our minds. As we bid farewell to dust and grime, we welcome a fresh start for our household. Now, let’s see what it usually includes:

  1. First, get rid of any clutter that has invaded your living space. Inspect each room to identify all objects you don’t need anymore. You can recycle, throw away, or donate them. Removing clutter not only liberates your living space from unnecessary items but also reduces stress and anxiety and promotes well-being
  2. Next, grab a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surfaces, furniture, ceiling fans, and light fixtures in your living room, bedroom, etc. Make sure to go behind and under all pieces of furniture, and tackle the blinds and your electronic devices. Use an extendable duster or a vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments to address all hard-to-reach areas. 
  3. Windows and mirrors go next. There are many glass cleaners available on the market. Just make sure to pick EPA-approved ones, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and use a lint-free cloth. Making your windows streak-free will allow more sunlight into your household, elevating the overall atmosphere. 
  4. Go to the kitchen, and empty all the cabinets and drawers to wipe them thoroughly before organizing them wisely. Scrub the countertops and sink and use this opportunity to address the drain. Finally, tackle all the kitchen appliances. Refresh your fridge, degrease your oven and stovetop, and make sure your dishwasher gets the attention it needs. If you have any other appliances, now is a perfect moment to deep clean them. 
  5. Scrub your bathroom surfaces to remove any traces of mold or soap scum. Clean and disinfect the sink, bathtub, shower, and the toilet. Wipe the tiles, change worn-out shower liners or curtains, and wash your bath mats. Finally, organize your toiletries and get rid of any expired products.
  6. Change the linens and refresh the mattresses in your bedrooms. Machine wash pillowcases, blankets, and duvet cover. You can also rearrange the clothes in your closets, putting warmer items aside and leaving more room for lighter pieces. 
  7. Address all the floors following the manufacturers’ instructions. You’ll need to vacuum clean them first and then use the recommended cleaners to mop them. If you have any carpets, deep clean them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
  8. Replace air filters in the HVAC system to boost indoor air quality. You can also have your air conditioners maintained to get them ready for warmer weather.

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