Top 7 Major Spring Cleaning Mistakes

What are the common mistakes performed during spring cleaning

Spring is synonymous with deep cleaning for most people. It’s a perfect moment to rejuvenate our homes and prepare for the warmer days. As you get ready to embark on this time-consuming cleaning task, you probably think of all the chores you need to do and feel a bit worried if you’ll finish everything on time. And what if something goes wrong?

Spring cleaning is indeed an ambitious task as it includes covering every inch of your living space and professional help may be indispensable. That’s why relying on trustworthy house cleaners from Port St Lucie is always an option. 

But if you’re an avid DIY-er, knowing what NOT to do will help you get the most out of your deep cleaning effort. In the following article, we’ll help you do just that by discussing the 7 biggest mistakes people make when spring cleaning their homes. Read on!

What are the common mistakes performed during spring cleaning?

From wiping the inside of your fridge to going under heavy pieces of furniture, spring cleaning is time-consuming indeed. Since it involves so many tasks, it can be really easy to fall into many pitfalls hindering your efficiency. To save you from getting into many traps along the way, we’ve compiled the 7 biggest spring cleaning missteps and how to avoid them: 

  • If you jump into spring cleaning straight away without a straightforward strategy, you can soon feel frustrated and unmotivated. This is because, without a clear plan, you won’t be aware of the scope of the work and won’t be able to think of the right steps. So don’t rush. Take your time to make a detailed list of tasks and determine the appropriate order to complete them. 
  • Don’t overlook hard-to-reach areas. As you hurry to finish everything as soon as possible, you may skip some hidden corners of your household (under and behind furniture, inside your closets, etc.). The goal of spring cleaning is to establish a healthy home environment bereft of germs, impurities, and harmful allergens, so covering every nook and cranny is essential.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or the wrong cleaners. If you’re not familiar with the usage of a certain product, you can misapply it and damage your belongings. So check the labels carefully to learn how to use the cleaning agent. Also, using aggressive substances can jeopardize your health. That’s why you should buy eco-friendly cleaners that won’t pose any threat to your well-being. 
  • If you don’t declutter first, you’ll find yourself maneuvering around items on the floor or other surfaces. This can slow down your progress significantly disabling you to remove grime and stains efficiently. So, no matter how time-consuming it may seem, decluttering is the first step you should never skip.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. If you rush through tasks, you may end up with sloppy work and miss areas. Make sure to take your time and complete the task thoroughly.
  • Don’t forget appliance interiors. It’s not enough just to wipe their exterior, you also need to deep clean their interior as they accumulate a lot of grime and pathogens. 
  • Don’t neglect regular cleanings. To make your spring cleaning manageable, keep your living space as tidy as possible throughout the year and do your best to clean your home regularly. 
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