Attacking Clutter a Little at a Time

Cleaning is something you hire done, but clutter is something only you can deal with. When we go about our normal lives, day-after-day, we end up with a build-up of useless stuff. If we don’t stop and deal with it, it will take over our homes, making our lives much more complicated. But who has time to do whole-sale organizing?

Prioritize Your Attack

What do you need organized the most? For most of us it is our wardrobe, and our closet. Perhaps you are someone who piles things, and that needs the most work. Take a look at your home and your life and pick a place that needs it most. After-all, too much gathered stuff not only makes your life look cluttered, but make your life run less smoothly.

Set Aside a Time

Most of us can make a few minutes here or there for sorting through the stuff we have accumulated. Once you get started, it really doesn’t take that long. Ten or twenty minutes can make a huge difference. If you commit to doing this a little at a time and stick with it, you will have things organized before you know it.

Start With Sorting

Sort first, putting trash, recycle, and thrift store items into piles or bags. Just getting this stuff out will be more than half the battle to cleaning up any closet, drawer, purse, or catch space pile. Don’t allow yourself to get overly nostalgic over items that you don’t use. This does not mean the extra special things that you cannot replace, but the everyday items that bring back a memory. If you want to remember it, make a note and take a picture. This will take up a lot less space, and stores easily forever.

Sort as You Go

Keep a trash can handy for things like old papers, mail, ads, and junk. Don’t be shy about throwing this stuff out before it adds to the junk that needs organizing. If you open a drawer and see something you know is not good, take a second to get rid of it now. If you are getting an outfit and find it doesn’t fit, throw it in the thrift store bag or box. It will be one less thing to clean later. Once you get in this habit, you will find things stay cleaner.

Don’t Let It Overwhelm You

The junk did not get there all at once, you don’t have to get rid of it all at once. Take it a little at a time. If you don’t get done this time, it is okay. There is less to look at next time. As long as your making progress it is good.

Allow Time to Notice

As you clear out the stuff you don’t need, take time to notice how much easier your life is getting. You will also find that your stress level is usually lower, and life is more satisfying with less clutter in your life. As you soak in the sense of calm that is increasing in your home, you will be more energized for life. You will also be more motivated to continue simplifying and organizing.

Cleaning, like mopping floors and dusting is something we can help you with. For help with your cleaning needs, please give us a call, we would be happy to set up a free estimate.