Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Keeping the House Neat Every

Keeping the house clean is a constant battle for many, and if you have kids in the mix it leads to even more laundry, more dishes, and more people to clean up after. Here are some cleaning tips and tricks you should do every day in order to keep up with the housework and maintain a higher level of neatness in the house:

Dishes after Every Meal

Dishes and laundry are two things in every household that never stop. The moment you stop working on them is the moment they pile up, start to stink, and become a real chore that takes more than twenty minutes to accomplish. A simple, but often neglected trick for keeping the dishes under control is to wash them quickly by hand and dry them after every meal. Skip out on using the dishwasher. Why? Because it is just one more step in the process and the more steps you cut out, the quicker you can get things done. Washing and drying them quickly will help keep the sinks and counters empty and clean.

1 – 2 Loads of Laundry a Day

Laundry is the next thing that must be worked on every day if it is to stay under control. Do a load of laundry every morning and if you have the laundry and the time, do another load later the same day. If you can fold and put the laundry away that same day, it would also help to keep things looking neat and clean.

Wipe the Counters/Stove after Each Use

The stove top becomes a real mess very quickly – with every splash, spill, and splatter the stains and crumbs cake on and if you do not wipe it off after every use it will become dirty and harder to clean with every hour it remains. Wipe off the countertops and the stove top after each use.

Clean/Wipe out the Fridge after Each Grocery Trip

Another area that becomes stinky and gross if it is not cleaned out on a regular basis is the fridge. Instead of waiting till you have unknown leftovers and an unidentifiable smell emanating from the fridge, try to clear things out and do a quick wipe down after each grocery trip so that you can put new food in a clean fridge.

Declutter Daily

The best tip/trick for keeping a clean house is to constantly pick up after yourself and to declutter on a daily basis. Stuff accumulates regularly, which means you need to clean just as regularly in order to keep up.