De-clutter a Closet

Closets are the greatest things, they hold what we need and hide what we don’t. Sooner or later you get to the point that you can’t fit any more in, and you don’t know what you have. This usually causes stress and frustration. If you’re there, or even almost there, it is time to go through the stuff. Here are a few tips on managing this task.


We have a few lies we tell ourselves about clothes, such as I will lose weight enough to fit in that outfit that is two or more sizes too small. We say, it will come back into style someday, but by then the color will be wrong. If it is too small, too trendy, or just not loved enough. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it should go. Give the good stuff to a thrift store, throw the rest out. There are a few exceptions, like a wedding dress you hope to pass down or the tux that gets rarely worn but still fits. Anything else you should look at more critically. Clearing out the old will make it easier to find what you want.


Electronics are out dated so fast it is not funny. If it is hiding in a closet, it is quite likely you have not used it in years. If you have not been searching frantically for it, it most likely needs to go. Any cords that have unknown devices are junk, especially if they have a boxy end. In the old days, those only went to one thing. Using a cord on the wrong device was a good way to fry the electronics, and for some reason we seem to get rid of old devices and keep the cords. For anything along these lines over a few years old, when in doubt throw it out.

Non-seasonal knickknacks

You hid it in a closet, usually this means you don’t love it. The ones we love, we display. Unless it belonged to your grandma or some other cherished relative, it is time to get rid of it. These are usually good items for “white elephant gifts” if you belong to a group that does that. Otherwise, pass it on, give it to a thrift store, or throw it out.

Most of the time, this will describe the bulk of what you have hiding in a closet. When you get rid of the junk, you can find the treasures. Also, while cleaning you will find treasures you forgot you had. Limit how many treasures you keep. If you didn’t miss it while it was hidden, you will not miss it when it is gone. Having an organized closet with only things you use will give you a feeling of peace, and make your daily life less hectic. After all, when you can find everything you need easily, it takes so much less time to get ready for the day.