Gift Certificates: The Gift Of Cleaning

You might know someone who is having a hard time and could use some help or maybe you just need a gift idea. We have gift certificates for cleaning services available in any denomination.

Here are a few ideas of when to give gift certificates with some sample sentiments to write on a card to announce the gift:


Take some of the stress out of moving for a loved one. If they are planning on moving, give them a gift certificate to have the new place cleaned thoroughly before they move in or to have the old place cleaned so they don’t have to go back and worry about losing their deposit. Your card might say “Moving is stressful. I hope this will help make it a little easier.”


When someone is recovering from an illness at home, the last thing they need to worry about is what isn’t getting done around the house. You can ease their anxiety about this by temporarily giving them some help. If you can’t do it yourself, a gift certificate would make a caring gift. Your card might read “Get well soon. I hope you’ll consider this a ‘helping hand’ until you are up and about again!”

New Baby

No new parent sleeps after they bring home a new baby! As happy as they are, it is hard to attempt to keep up with housework with a new baby in the house. A gift certificate would make a memorable new baby gift. They can decide when to schedule a thorough house cleaning. The card might read “Congratulations on the precious new addition to your family! We hope this might give you more time to spend with your little one instead of cleaning. Enjoy!”


If you have an elderly relative who prides themselves on always having a neat and beautiful home but has trouble with certain chores, like cleaning windows, as they age, a gift certificate is a great gift. The card might say “We know you like to keep your home looking great so we thought you would like to have someone clean the windows for you for a change. Just relax and let them do the work. You deserve it!”

These are just a few ideas. It could be a ‘Thinking of You’ gift for a bereaved loved one, a holiday or birthday gift, or maybe a ‘Just Because’ gift. It is also a great idea for a group that wants to go in together for a gift to help a co-worker, friend, or relative.

A gift of cleaning is always a thoughtful and appreciated gift!