Pet Friendly Cleaning

When you have pets in your home, having service personnel enter your property can cause dogs to bark, cats to hide and stress for you and your family. However, when the same cleaning professionals frequently visits your home, your pets will quickly learn to enjoy our visits and the friendly companionship of our cleaners.

  • Our Pet-Friendly Services: The consistent presence of our cleaning professionals gives your pets the opportunity to take their time in making friends. A shy pet may need some special attention or treats for a friendship with our cleaners to blossom. Most pets even seem to look forward to cleaning day!
  • A Focus on Pet Safety: Safety for your pets is an important consideration as well. Because we love pets and are considerate of their care and your wishes, we’ll securely close doors behind us, keep cleaning supplies out of reach and remain aware of your pets’ needs. We care about you and your pets, and we earn your trust based on your specific wishes and a personalized plan.
  • Your Pets’ Comfort: Housecleaning can be scary for pets, especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners. The noise and motion of a vacuum cleaner can cause cats to hide and dogs to bark. If you have concerns about your pets’ comfort with our cleaning process, we are happy to assist you with creating a plan for helping your pets remain comfortable while we clean.