5 Essential Tips for Cleaning a Pet-Friendly Home

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Keeping your living space pristine as a pet owner is a challenge that many homeowners face. While many people choose to enlist professionals to help keep their living spaces in shape, not even the best house cleaners in Sewall’s Point can entirely eliminate the occasional pet-related mishap.

However, this doesn’t mean that your pet-friendly home is destined for constant messiness. With the right approach, you can minimize these hiccups and ensure that your residence remains fresh between professional visits. Let’s dive into some tips on how to keep your pet-friendly home clean and tidy.

How do you clean your house when you have pets?

Pets undeniably bring joy into our lives. Yet, along with that happiness comes the unavoidable task of dealing with the messes and odors that come with our beloved furry friends. Here’s how to keep your living space fresh while also ensuring the safety and comfort of your beloved pets.

1. Secure your pet

Before you dive into home maintenance tasks, think about where your pets will be. Not only is it important to keep them out of your way for efficiency, but it’s also crucial for their well-being. Unusual activities and sounds can be upsetting, and certain agents can even harm their health. Designate a secure and comfortable area for them to be in. Perhaps a room filled with their favorite toys, or a quiet spot where they won’t be disturbed.

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2. Pet-safe products

The sheer number of cleaning products available can make your head spin. Many promise sparkling results, but when you have pets, you must prioritize their safety in your selection. Some agents contain chemicals that can be very harmful if they ingest or inhale them – even through residue. Always choose products labeled as pet-friendly, or natural alternatives like vinegar and baking soda.

3. Invest in quality equipment

While selecting the right products is key for safety, the right tools are essential for efficiency. Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner made specifically for pet hair. These vacuums typically feature powerful suction, HEPA filters, and special attachments to handle stubborn hair and dander.

4. Address messes without delay

Accidents happen, especially with pets. If you address them as they happen, you can prevent stains and lingering odors. Prepare an easily accessible kit with spot cleaners, paper towels, and disposable gloves. The faster you tackle the mess, the simpler the cleanup will be.

5. Proactive measures

Thinking ahead can be the most effective way to minimize messes. Regularly brush your pets to decrease shedding. If you have a cat, tend to their litter box daily. And if you have a dog, you may want to consider a ‘paw cleaning station’ by the entrance to reduce tracked-in dirt. Additionally, thoughtful investments – such as furniture covers, can save significant time in the long term.

How do you clean your house when you have pets

Who are the best house cleaners in Sewall’s Point?

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