A Guide to Spring Cleaning

What is the goal of spring cleaning

Do you feel overwhelmed with the desire to scrub your living space in the spring? Well, you’re not the only one. As days become warmer and longer, most people seize this opportunity to refresh their homes. This so-called spring cleaning isn’t just an act of cleaning, it also aims to introduce some freshness into our homes as we remove all the dust and grime accumulated during cold winter days. 

But what is the real purpose of spring cleaning, when do people usually do it, and how? Experts in house cleaning from Port St Lucie have the answers for you. Keep reading the article below to find out! 

What is the goal of spring cleaning?

The tradition of spring cleaning was born a long time ago when people lived in fireplace-heated houses and eagerly welcomed warmer days to get rid of all the soot. 

Today, people embrace this practice to shed all the dust and dirt that may have piled up in their homes during winter. However, they’ve also added a new dimension to it. It’s an ideal moment to reorganize and revitalize their living spaces.

Some of the specific goals of spring cleaning are: 

  • getting rid of grime and dust,
  • removing all unnecessary items, 
  • rearranging belongings, 
  • introducing some novelties (new pieces of furniture, carpets, rugs, etc.), 
  • addressing the backyard and preparing it for outdoor activities.

In addition to creating more inviting and comfortable living spaces, spring cleaning has physiological benefits. It can promote a sense of accomplishment and well-being by reducing clutter-related stress

Why do people get the urge to clean in the spring?

Warm spring days are perfect for introducing order in your household. As you grab a mop to make your floors shine, you may stop to ask yourself why you suddenly feel the urge to scrub your home. There are actually 5 reasons why people are eager to clean their houses in the spring:

  1. Spring cleaning has been part of many cultural traditions as spring symbolizes renewal and new beginnings – this way people prepare themselves for a fresh start full of hope and optimism.
  2. During dark winter days, clutter, dust, and grime can easily go unnoticed. But once days get longer with more sunlight, all those long-forgotten spots become noticeable.
  3. In spring, most people spend more time outside and become more aware of the state of their homes. They also open windows more to freshen their indoor air, motivating them to tidy their homes.  
  4. Most people feel energized during spring. This is because warmer weather and more sunlight can improve our mood and fill us with the energy and sanguinity we may lack during winter. As a result, all the tasks we may have found particularly daunting during winter become easily achievable.
  5. Many people suffer from allergies during spring which may motivate them to scrub their homes more thoroughly. Getting rid of pet dander, dust, and other allergens can alleviate allergy symptoms significantly.

What month do people do spring cleaning?

Typically, spring cleaning is done in spring (sometime between March and May in the northern hemisphere). However, the precise spring cleaning time depends on personal preferences and deep-rooted cultural traditions.

How to spring clean your house?

Since spring cleaning comprises tasks usually not included in daily cleaning, you must approach it carefully. Here are some pointers to help you out:

  1. Make sure to devise a feasible plan with all cleaning tasks included. If you’re fully aware of the scope of the work, there will be little room for mistakes. Also, don’t expect to finish everything in one day, especially if you have other obligations.
  2. Prepare all your supplies to be as efficient as possible. You’ll probably need a lot of microfiber cloths, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, PPE, and effective cleaning agents.
  3. Don’t forget that decluttering goes first. This way you’ll eliminate all distractions and enable direct access to grime-ridden areas.
  4. The top-to-bottom cleaning approach gives optimal results, as you won’t let gravity intervene and spread dirt to already cleaned areas. So, start from the highest areas and gradually move toward the floor.
  5. Get your family members included and play music to inspire you to be as efficient as possible.

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Why do people get the urge to clean in the spring

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